Ordering My First Drone

I remember the day vividly, I went online and order my first drone at the best every price. I ordered it from an Asian country, it was either Hong Kong or China and as I saved a bunch of cash, I decided to splash on an extra battery pack (for longer flying time) and propellers to reduce ground time in the event of a crash. 

I discovered from one of the best drone reviews that one of the things that mostly gets damaged during a crash are the propellers. So why not get some extra ones just in case?

After 3 weeks my excitement turned into anger, my quadcopter hadn’t arrived and to add insult to injury, the spare battery and propellers arrived. I learned that in Asia there is a lot of telling lies by customer support. One minute they would say it is in stock and the next it wasn’t… they even send me inaccurate pictures of the drone’s model I had ordered.

But I always believe that with every bad that there is, more good comes out of it. I bit the bullet and took my losses. I decided I was going to order a new drone that was from a store a little more local and thought, why not investigate further on the best machines the market has to offer.

Luckily for me a new beast had just come out and that was the DJI Mavic Pro that was a lot more advanced in performance and camera than the previous drone I was going to purchase. 

DJI Mavic Pro Features & Specifications 

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Performance, speed & manoeuvrability 
  • Active track (camera tracking)
  • Obstacle recognition (avoid crashing)

Long story short, I am happy that after the negative experience I had with Asia, I ended up with an amazing flying machine that give me hours of fun.