Ordering My First Drone

Now, I quickly ordered it and I actually ordered it from an Asian country. I think it came from Hong Kong or China. I thought it would be really amazing. I got the best price, and I ordered extra batteries, extra propellers. Turns out that after waiting for 3 weeks it still hadn't arrived. That was my first experience with ordering things from Asia. I learned that they tend to lie a lot. In fact, sometimes they'll write that they have some in stock, and when they don't have some in stock, they'll have inaccurate pictures. There's a lot of stuff that you have to look out for when ordering from these sites abroad. When I first ordered it, I can't say I was very happy with the whole process and the whole shipping. The propellers arrived, and the batteries arrived, but the actually drone didn't so I was stuck with a bunch of batteries and I had no drone to use them on.

                                    What I ended up doing, is I went on KGG, which is a local Craig's List type site, and I found someone selling the exact same drone for more expensive, but he had it here right away. I cancelled the Asian order, got all my money back, and I ended up going to get it from someone who had it locally. I picked it up in about a day, and here I was. I was flying it around. The thing is tiny and the fact that you start off with a tiny drone is an excellent thing. You actually want the smallest drone possible to start off with because that just means it's very low risk and very ... It's very, very, minimal risk and safety concerns that you have to worry about. When you have very little safety concerns to worry about, you can fly it anywhere, and you can crash it into a bunch of things while you're learning how to fly.

                                    Learning how to fly will actually take a lot of time. A lot of people with tell you, "Yeah, within an hour or so I was up and going and turning all over the place." That can be true if you have a lot of experience flying RAC helicopters, but not really with drones. Learning how to fly a drone actually takes quite a while unless you have a lot of software assistance. A lot of the newer drones are coming out with a ton of software assistance to make it easier for people to fly drones. To actually learn how to fly the best quadcopters, and if you want to evolve into more racing copters or the bigger copters, you need to learn how to really fly.

                                    Those are not as easy because there's actually ... You have to control 2 accesses on the joy stick. You have to control the throttle. You have to control the pitch. You have to control the yaw. You have to control basically your elevation. It ends up being quite a lot of things to control at once. Your brain just has to start mastering moving your thumbs and fingers in the right directions to correlate with what you wanted the drone to do. It actually took me about, I'd say, 10-15 hours of flying before I could really say, "Yeah, I mastered basic flight." Now I could comfortably go around trees. I could go around buildings. I could fly pretty much anywhere I want without being too fancy. In order to get fancy and start doing all this crazy stuff, I think I'd need to at least double that and that's where we're at right now.

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